Paul's Story

I want to introduce you to Paul. Living through a childhood of abuse at the hands of his drunken stepfather, Paul would wake up every morning, hating himself and hating the agony he felt. He was living his life in perpetual anger and pain—something that no child should ever have to go through.

In 2014, Paul found his way to the Jehovah Jireh Mustard Seed (JJMS) orphanage. We took him in, tended to his anguish and physical pain, and watched him begin to heal. Before long, he was ready to heal from the inside out. He wrote the memories of his abuse down to banish them from his mind. While his recovery has not been without raw and painful moments, it’s been so rewarding to help him. In fact, now he volunteers to help other abused children adjust when they first arrive at the Jehovah Jireh Mustard Seed orphanage.

There are hundreds of children just like Paul. They all need a place to stay and a uniform so they can go to school. Those kids deserve the same love, care, and support that Paul needed to heal.

After visiting The Mustard Seed, an informal nonprofit organization led by Julia O’Connell in Qwaqwa, South Africa, I could not leave these children without helping them in some way. I established the Jehovah Jireh Mustard Seed (JJMS) program under the Jehovah Jireh nonprofit umbrella. With Julia’s dedication, the children quickly moved into a larger, safer house with formalized programs.

When I visited again six months later, I was even more amazed at the great work being done by JJMS.  We already had 5 full time volunteers and three programs!

  • Housing, health, and basic needs program that houses 10 children
  • Daily meal program that serves 50 children once a day
  • Afterschool program for 60 children

We’ve had tremendous success in transforming the lives of the little angels that live in the JJMS home. All 10 children attend school and receive shelter, food, and medication because our doors are also open to kids who are sick. The children of QwaQwa see JJMS as a place of refuge and so they continue to show up at Julia’s door.  It would break my heart if we had to turn these children away.

We need to do more for these kids. JJMS is committed to increasing our impact and expanding our presence as needed.  On October 1st, we are moving into a larger facility that will allow us to provide shelter for 50 children, increase our meal program to twice a day for 200 children, and expand the educational services we provide.

This is why we need your help.

Any donation will help support the kids at the Jehovah Jireh Mustard Seed orphanage in Qwaqwa. Visit our website to check out the orphanage and see the kids you’ll be helping.

Thank you for helping me transform the lives of kids like Paul!

Scott Johnson
June 15, 2016

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