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Landmark Bible College

Providing quality biblical and theological training to thousands of people, throughout the nation of India.

But why do we do this? So that these students, pastors and leaders can then effectively saturate India with gospel of Jesus Christ and lead their congregations to evangelize and  disciple their communities for Christ.

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be reaching with the gospel

A message from our Director, Pastor KP…

Pastor KP has partnered with Jehovah Jireh and worked directly with pastors at Landmark to be fully trained and well-versed in the material that is taught to the students.

Jehovah Jireh & Landmark have, in the past, supported Pastor KP's mission work to tribal villages and his efforts have distributed food & water to hundreds and thousands of people within the tribal villages in India.

Let's take a closer look at

the course

and it's curriculum.

The training lasts for a total of 3 months that includes two months of standard course lectures and one month of practical outreach ministry.

Here are some of the subjects students will cover: The importance of God’s call in our Lives. Bible survey (O.T and N.T). Learning to hear God’s voice. Understanding our inheritance in Christ. The purpose and mission of the Church. Powerful Evangelism. Leadership. Praise and Worship. Kingdom of God. Divine plumbline. Fathers Heart. Spiritual Warfare.

Landmark Bible College is an incredible way for us to support global mission work by training up new pastors & teachers, as well as supporting local churches all around the world.

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Landmark Church's mission is to reach the lost & teach the found. They believe supporting Jehovah Jireh in their efforts aligns with their goals & values to reach people with the hope of Christ & disciple them further.

Reaching the Lost & Teaching the Found

Along with Jehovah Jireh founders, Scott and Michelle Johnson, attending Landmark as their home church, Landmark also has a big heart for local & global mission work.

Landmark supports Scott & Michelle as international missionaries and saw the great opportunity to take what the pastors & leadership have learned from ministry and the tools they have to study God's word and share it with people who may not have access to the same resources.

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